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11. Judging the value of a screenplay

WRITER: I have finished a draft of a period screenplay and am wondering what to do next.

BARRY: You're not alone in wondering what to do next. I'm thinking of writing a book entitled, "First, Sell the Screenplay, Then Write It." (To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)

10. Screenplay going nowhere

WRITER: I'm writing a period screenplay [that] seems to always be "going to," but never getting there....

BARRY: ...I doubt that your screenplay being a period piece is at fault...
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)

9. Idea for a sitcom

WRITER: I am an interpreter by trade, but a writer by desire. I have a good idea for a sitcom that is simple, funny, plausible and....

BARRY: I like your phrase "writer by desire." It may very well be that you have writing talent , but. I don't recommend that
beginning writers start out in the...

(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)

8. Shifting scenes format

WRITER: How do you write scenes that require shifting from either scene (ex: int. and ext. of car) or characters (ex: telephone conversation)?

BARRY: It depends upon how you, the writer, see the scene with your inner eye. How do YOU want this action to be...
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)

7. Edgy idea -- too hot for Hollywood?

WRITER: I`m writing a script which takes the word satire to the extreme. I can tell you right now it would be stamped with a deviant label after the first page. I`m a little concerned....

BARRY: It seems that you are asking is "Do I need to invest all the sweat-equity of writing and polishing a full-blown screenplay, when....
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here

6. L.A.--to live or not to live in

WRITER: How much of an advantage is it, for a putative screenplay writer, to live in LA?....

BARRY: It's a huge advantage, because you can never be sure of making any kind of living at features, so you will need to have a backup. The best backup is....
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)

5. Give me the time of day

WRITER: How do I decide when to use the various times of day.....

BARRY: You only need to use four designations, as far as a production crew is concerned - DAY, NIGHT, DAWN, DUSK. To use phrases such as "early morning," will only betray an ignorance of....
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)
4. What is drama?

WRITER: While watching the trailer of the new movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" my friend became upset that this movie is an unbelievable drama... can a film actually be a Drama while having an unbelievable, Science Fiction element to it?....

What your friend has espoused as his definition of "drama" is really a definition of a subspecies of drama called "naturalistic drama," in which everything portrayed strives to ...
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)
3. Collaboration with another writer

WRITER: Ihave a story that
involves a murder of a prominent black physician by a prominent white physician who hired a mafia hit man to do the killing. I am wondering if there are screenplay writers who will collaborate....

BARRY: First of all you've written your question well enough to create interest on the part of any reader. Why don't you try to write an outline of what.....
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)

2. Marketing at festivals

I 've been told that I should market/network my quirky, offbeat screenplays at film festivals, such as Toronto and Sundance.

Do you think this is a sound strategy to get an ....

BARRY: It's a strategy that has worked for others. How it works for you depends on how good your screenplays are, how effective you are in pitching them, and what the trends and buying appetite is .....
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)

1. Where to go with ideas

WRITER: Can you please tell me where I should go with ideas for screen plays, TV etc. I have not written any scripts but am brimming with ideas....

BARRY: I hate to hoist the firehose on your parade, but the....
(To read the complete question and answer, Click Here)

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